We have invested in state of the art processors, splitters and a 70m3 biomass fired drying kiln to produce firewood to any size, shape and length, and importantly to moisture contents which ensure maximum energy is harvested from your product. Logs of Lye has progressed from our sister company Midlands Heating Solutions, who have installed wood fuelled heating systems for the last 10 years. From a stove with back boiler to industrial scale pellet, chip and log boilers, the basic need for quality dry fuel stays the same.  We use our product for all our own boilers and supply systems that we have installed.  We have produced a vibrant yard where customers can come to site in Stourbridge and take a product away, knowing its local, legal, sustainable and dry. 




We sell nets, small bags and full size genuine 1 meter cubed bags. Price list available here.


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Delivery service available soon…



Not sure what you want. Not sure when you want it. Just come down, choose what you want, fill your boot, bag, van or whatever and we can work a price on it.